Reservation Patrol

The Morongo Reservation Patrol is committed to a partnership with the people of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians for the purpose of maintaining a safe community by acting as a safeguard for Tribal Members and their property through leadership and cooperation.

Morongo Reservation Patrol consists of the Traffic Division, Patrol Division and Enterprise Security. Together we enforce Tribal Ordinances, monitor entryways onto the reservation and Morongo's enterprises, patrol the Morongo Reservation, and assist the Morongo Tribal Court. Morongo Reservation Patrol's Color Guard participates in Tribal events, such as the Thunder and Lightning Pow Wow.
All members of Morongo Reservation Patrol have an obligation to the public we serve to develop and maintain the highest ethical standards in all official conduct. These duties include but are not limited to the more than 35,000 acres of Tribal property, the urban roads, canyons and Tribal assets. We understand that the people of the Morongo Band of Mission Indian Reservation are the reason we are here.

Radames Gil - Chief of Reservation Patrol

For the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, I will support any and all decisions, ordinances, and directives handed down from the Tribal Council. I will work to gain your support, trust, and respect, not only for me but for this department that supports your community.
For our department, I hold my staff accountable for their actions, as well as support their effectiveness in keeping the Tribal property secure, with little impact to the daily routines of the Tribal Members.
My focus for the future is to build a rapport with our department and the Tribe. This will benefit the Morongo Band of Mission Indians by making your community a leader by which other Nations will follow.
Radames Gil

Chief of Reservation Patrol