Air Quality Update

The MAQPC is broken down into 16 sections (purpose, definitions, and 9 rules). The rules are not proposed to be put into place to create unjust restrictions on the Reservation community. In fact, many of the rules are already in affect under the federal Clean Air Act, while a few are currently being proposed in the federal Implementation Plan for Indian Country and are already enforceable by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Rules under sections 4A, 8, and 10 are in effect under current Tribal policy (please see attached code and jurisdiction table).

The purpose for the development of the MAQPC is so that the Tribe rather than EPA regulates the air quality on the Reservation and therefore strengthens Tribal sovereignty over the Tribe's air resources. The goal is for Morongo to administer parts of the Clean Air Act, specifically permitting (i.e. MCRS co-generation plant), so that the Tribe saves both time and money in the long run. 
If you would like further information regarding the proposed MAQPC please contact us at (951) 755-5128