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MGA Gaming Dispute

Gaming Dispute Process

The Morongo Gaming Agency has the authority to resolve gaming disputes when a customer is seeking financial compensation including any refusal to pay alleged winnings from gaming activity at a licensed Morongo gaming facility. The gaming agency investigates all disputes in a fair and impartial manner as an independent third party with a primary interest in fairness and integrity. The dispute must be gaming related.

Contact Information

  1.  You must notify the Supervisor or Manager of the gaming department where you feel the dispute is warranted.
  2. If you are dissatisfied with management's response, you must notify the Department Director, an Assistant General Manager or the General Manager's office within three (3) days of the occurrence in an attempt to resolve the dispute.
  3. If you do not agree with their response of findings, you must notify the Morongo Gaming Agency in writing with all pertinent facts related to your dispute within fifteen (15) days of your original complaint.
  4. The Morongo Gaming Agency will investigate your dispute and notify you in writing of the final outcome as determined based on the facts and evidence within sixty (60) days of the incident.
  5. If you are dissatisfied with the Gaming Agency's resolution you may request that the complaint over any claimed prizes or winnings be resolved in Tribal Court.

In the dispute letter, include your fill name, date and time of the incident, all relative information, witnesses, current mailing address and phone number so that we may contact you. Send your gaming dispute letter to:

Attn. Executive Director
Morongo Gaming Agency
49500 Seminole Drive
Cabazon, CA 92230