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Gaming License Application

Morongo Gaming Agency

49500 Seminole Drive,Cabazon, CA 92230 (951) 849-3080 * Fax (951) 755-5737

Gaming License Application


Congratulations on your job offer of employment with Morongo Band of Mission Indians. As you know, this offer is contigent on passing a full background investigation, which includes this online application and an interview with one of our Licensing Representatitves.

The online application pertains to your application for Gaming License as required under the Morongo Tribal Gaming Ordinance. If you have any questions about the gaming license application, you may call the Gaming Agency at 951 849-3080. A Licensing Representative will assist you. Please do not contact the Human Resource Department about any information requested by this document. 

The information you provide in this gaming license appliation will be used for the investigation into your background to assist in determining your suitablility for the position you applied for. You MUST fill out this application completely and accurately. If one or more questions do not apply to you, N/A (not applicable) must be entered.

It is to your advantage that you respond openly and honestly. Any negative factor in your background does not mean you will be denied. It will be evaluated in terms of the circumstances and facts surrounding its occurrence, and its degree of relevance on the job you are applying for. However, failure to disclose, or being dishonest are grounds for not proceeding in the process.


Please submit the following documentation to the Morongo Gaming Agency at the time of your scheduled interview (Originals are required unless otherwise stated.):

  • Driver License
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Immigration Card or Naturalization document (if applicable)
  • Any Court Documents (if applicable)
  • License from other casino(s) (if applicable)
  • Separation papers from the military. DD214 (if applicable)


In order to login and complete your application from this website , you must have your username and password that was provided to you by one of our Backgrounds & Licensing Representatives through email.

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