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Morongo Green Enterprise Program

For thousands of years, the Native American people of Southern California drew on their understanding of the natural world to thrive. Yet, the people understood they were connected to an interacting, natural system and they had an obligation to the rest of the universe's creatures. This rich knowledge of how nature works and how to use resources without depleting them was a result of intense observation, patience and a sense of kinship with the natural environment. Today, the Morongo tradition continues through the Morongo Green Enterprise Program. This program demonstrates the Tribe's commitment to go beyond federal environmental compliance by seeking out ways to prevent pollution at its source, close waste loops, and maximize conservation opportunities.

Why Be Green?
  • Going green saves money
  • Environmentally responsible businesses are efficient businesses
  • Reduce waste and utility costs
  • Create a positive, safe working environment
  • Improve business' image
  • Become recognized as an environmental leader
What is a Green Enterprise?
A Morongo Green Enterprise goes beyond federal environmental compliance and meets the Morongo Environmental Protection Department's Green Enterprise conservation standards in the following areas:
  • Solid Waste Reduction
  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Environmentally Preferred Purchasing