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Realty Department

What Do We Do?

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians elected to contract the Realty and Title function from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and established the Morongo Realty Department in 2004.  The Realty Department oversees and manages approximately 36,000 acres or 55 square miles of Tribal Trust, Individual Trust and Tribally owned fee land.
The Morongo Realty Department processes, updates and records all documents such as right of ways/easements, Partitions and Gift Deeds, Land Sales and Mortgages, Surveys and Mapping.  We assist the Tribe and Morongo Departments with special projects pertaining to commercial and economic development or overall improvements to tribal trust lands.
We are one of five (5) Tribes in the Nation who contract the Lands, Title, and Records function from the Bureau of Indians Affairs.  We are the only Tribe in the Nation to actually have the Department of Interior's computer system, known as "Trust Asset and Accounting Management System" or TAAMS installed at a tribal administrative/government building.
The TAAMS computer system allows us to track and update ownership information that might be affected by an Indian Probate, gift deed, partition, mortgage, right of way, lease, etc.
The Morongo Realty Department assists the Tribe and individual Tribal Members with all matters related to real property management, including Fee To Trust applications, residential and commercial leasing, land sales and appraisals, estate planning through the American Indian Probate Reform Act and Indian Land Consolidation.  We oversee management of the historical and current records of tribal and individual trust lands.
We assist Tribal Members with the HUD 184 Loan process and establishing utilities to a new residence.  If you are considering a HUD 184 Loan, please call us so that we can assist you in the process, if you currently have a HUD 184 loan and are looking to refinance or need a loan modification again please contact us.  

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