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Recycling is not just a project we participate in - recycling and being protective of our environment is a way of life.  At Morongo Band of Mission Indians, recycling is one of many ways we are working towards preserving our earth for future generations. 

All Morongo business enterprises and government facilities participate in a certified recycling program.  All of our dedicated staff participates in sorting wastes and our own Public Works department delivers the materials to local recycling facilities in the Banning and Riverside areas. 

Our single stream recycling program diverts paper, cardboard, plastics, beverage containers, and metals.  In addition, the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa bales and recycles all cardboard and all pallets are sent off for reuse or recycling. 

We also have recycling programs for hard to handle and regulated wastes.  All electronic wastes are collected and responsibly recycled by an e-Stewards certified recycling company and all fluorescent light bulbs and batteries are also collected and properly recycled.