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Air Quality

Carbon Monoxide

Clean Your Home of Asthma Triggers (EPA)

Healthy Indoor Painting Practices

Home Inspections

AQI School Flag Program


Mold (USHU)

Protect your Home from Indoor Mold


Lead (USHU)


Smoke Ready Facts


DIY Box Fan



DIY Box Fan


Energy Efficiency

Appliances (EPA)

Energy Efficiency

Join Us in the Fight Against Global Warming




Office Equipment (EPA)

Lighting (EPA)



Environmental Protection Department

Morongo Compliance Assistance Component

Environmental Brochure


High School Intern


Pollution Prevention Program

Sure Your Home Is Clean, But Is It Safe? (EPA)

Recycle Used Motor Oil (EPA)

Green Cleaning Brochure

Cleaning and Disinfecting Safely

Safely Disinfecting for Coronavirus


Waste and Recycling Guide

Household Hazardous Wastes Safety Tips

New Recycle Cart Labels

Pesticides - Protect Your Household

Sharps- The Guide to Syringe Disposal

Resource Conservation

Be Bear Aware

Fire Prevention - Defensible Space Around the Home

Invasive Plants Activity Book

Native Plant Guide

Snake Warning


FIREWOOD- Buy It Where You Burn It

Prevent Soil Erosion on Your Property (NRCS)

Animals of Morongo

Native Landscaping

Wild Fire Prevention

One Less Spark


Target Shooting


Water Quality

Prevent Pollution while
Caring for Your Car

Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems (EPA)

Water Conservation For Your Home

Saving Water in the Summer



Off-Road Vehical Use and the Environment

What is Nonpoint Source Pollution?

Tribal Water Program

Fencing Riparian Areas


Youth Resources

Air Quality Activity Book

Airfortune Game

Carl Gets Some Rest Coloring Story

Climate Kids Activity Book

Climate Kids Coloring Book


Follow That Bottle Activity Worksheet

Happy Earth Activity Book

Happy Earth, Sad Earth Sorting Game

Lorax Activity Book

Morongo Recycles Coloring Book


Reuse a CD Activity

Solar Oven

Trash and Recycle Activity

Water Conservation Activity Book

EPD- Earth Day Environmental Education Resources


Crumpled Watershed Model Activity

Drippy the Raindrop coloring pages

Environmental Activity Ideas

Water Cycle Poster

Water Cycle Spinner


Water Matching Game

Water Waste or Save Books

Water Word Scramble

Water and Me Activity book

Wet Word Search