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Morongo Tribal TANF has implemented the following assistance and services to support families on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Cash Assistance

MTTP provides time limited financial assistant grants to eligible needy Native American families to meet basic needs. Financial assistance grants may be provided through the issuance of monthly checks, vendor payments, vouchers or electronic benefit transfers.
Needy Child Caretaker Assistance
MTTP provides assistance to needy Native American children who are in the temporary care of custodial caretakers. Financial assistance will include monthly cash grants based on the number of needy children in the Needy or Non-Needy caretaker's household.
Supportive Services 
MTTP provides the recipients of financial assistance or non-custodial parents of needy TANF children pre-approved supportive services to enable them to participate in assigned TANF work activities and/or retain employment. Supportive services provided are substantiated by a Personal Responsibility Plan and/or Family Self-Sufficiency Plan. Allowable expenses may include but not limited to: child care, transportation, education, and training cost, school/work/interview clothing, job placement expenses, and other expenses outlined in the support services guidelines established by the program and in compliance with federal and state rules and regulations regarding allowable expenses.
Emergency Assistance (Non-Recurring Short Term Benefits)
MTTP temporary financial assistance grant recipients in crisis may be eligible to receive emergency assistance to help with resolving the temporary crisis as per 45 CFR 286.10.
Diversion Assistance
MTTP may provide financial assistance payments to families who meet the following criteria:
  • Are not currently receiving TANF financial assistance grants;
  • Are at risk of becoming dependent; and
  • Are in need of one-time limited benefits to help them avoid dependency on TANF.
Transitional Assistance
MTTP may provide transitional services to families who have reached the sixty (60) month limit and/or are no longer eligible for TANF financial assistance grants due to a mix of earned/unearned income. Services are intended to assist families to transition off assistance and become self-sufficient. Families whose assistance will be extended through state MOE will not be eligible to receive this supportive service. This supportive service is not to exceed six (6) months.