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Water Conservation & Resources

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians recognizes the need for water conservation. This vital natural resource is the key to our future and has become an integral planning and operational component. The Water and Environmental department has initiated an aggressive water conservation plan in 2007/08 to promote and educate the need to conserve. Normal daily usage (60-70%) occurs outside the home with only a fraction of usage occurring inside. As part of our plan we recommend California native plants (www.cnps.org), drip irrigation, and smart timers. All new construction must conform to these standards. For additional information, please visit these web sites: www.bewaterwise.com and www.waterconserve.info.

Water Quality

The Water Department has a primary responsibility to assure that the water that arrives at your tap meets or exceeds current water quality standards set forth be the Environmental Protection Agency. We sample over 100 constituents each year utilizing a State of California Certified Laboratory located in Riverside, CA. 

Specifications & Standards

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians Water Department updated its construction specifications and standards for the construction of water facilities and conveyance systems in 2010. For a copy of the revised specifications and standards, click here.

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