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Cultural Heritage

The Morongo Cultural Heritage Program was created to promote and revitalize the traditional ways of life that are the very heart of Morongo. The task of preserving and maintaining the many aspects of Morongo's native culture is indeed an ongoing struggle. Like many Native Peoples throughout the globe, Southern California Tribes have experienced a dramatic loss of those vital parts of being that define them--the ways of life with which the Creator has blessed them. The Cultural Heritage Program is proud to have the support of Tribal Council and other Tribal Members as it works to promote interest in tribal history, languages, the land, and to uphold the cultural values, goals, and traditions of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians. Under this broad definition exists several individual projects and tasks that will help move the program forward in this mission.

Daughters of Morongo

Each spring, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians selects two young ladies, representing two different age groups, to be crowned as Daughter of Morongo. On the opening day of Morongo's Annual Cultural Heritage Days Celebration, the tribe crowned 2017-2018 Daughters of Morongo, (Left to Right)Younger Division, Kaya Marcot Upper Division, Miya Rice

While holding the crown these ladies must exemplify the qualities of humility, respect, and truth, just as past Daughters of Morongo have upheld over the years. Each Daughter of Morongo will reign for one year, during that year the young ladies will attend, represent, and serve as role models or goodwill ambassadors for the tribe and the community.