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Language & Culture


The Morongo Band of Mission Indians are a mixture of several different small groups of California Indians, including Serrano, Cahuilla, and Cupeno. All three languages are classified as "Uto-Aztecan Languages," which are Native American languages spoken within the western United States and Mexico.

Cultural Heritage Days Celebration

The Cultural Heritage Days Celebration is a gathering celebrating Morongo's culture and history.  The celebration takes place in late spring and involves some of the following:
● Birdsinging and Dancing
● All Indian Rodeo/Open Ranch Rodeo 
● All Indian Men's and Women's Fastpitch Softball Tournament
● Peon Games
● Daughter of Morongo Pageant
● Parade
● Cultural Demonstrations
● Workshops


Cultural and Historical Collections

In celebration of its heritage, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians has an extensive collection of artifacts, including ollas (clay jars), manos (grinding stone), and metates (stone grinding bowl) and the Morongo Basket Collection.

Part of the Tribe's collection is on display in the front lobby of their Administrative Complex.