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Fire Department

The Morongo Fire Department responds to calls both on and off of the reservation. They were one of the first departments to respond to the Esperanza fire in the fall of 2006. The Morongo Fire Department includes a staff of 20 firefighters responsible for protecting 110 square miles of the reservation land as well as the residential community, tribal enterprises and the 27-story, 44-acre casino.


Mission Statement
  • The Morongo Fire Department's mission is to provide essential emergency and non-emergency services to protect the lives and property of tribal members, descendants, residents, employees, and guests of the Morongo Indian Reservation and to protect the tribe's historical, environmental, cultural and economic resources.

Vision Statement
  • The Morongo Fire Department's vision is to implement and maintain innovative programs and strategies for life-saving education and training to the Morongo community. Our department envisions ongoing partnerships with other tribal departments, as well as outside public safety agencies, to promote an effective "All Risk" emergency response capability.