Victims Service Program

Service for those impacted
by crimes of violence

Why should you consider
contacting the Program?

There are no charges or income eligibility requirements for our services.

The staff does everything possible to protect prospective and existing clients’ confidentiality and recognizing the effect(s) of trauma on clients

Our services are offered in culturally sensitive and trauma-informed way.

If you suspect that you, your friend, or loved one needs help, contact the Victim Service Program at:

(951) 755-5221
[email protected]

Mission Statement

The mission of Cheehuun ‘Ervra (the “Program”) is to ensure the rights of all individuals to a safe and secure environment and to empower those who are being oppressed by reducing trauma and ending revictimization in the protection of future generations.

About the Program

The Program is comprised of an Attorney and Legal Advocate who provides access to services that enhance victim safety and to identify and work to resolve problems that may impede victim/survivors’ access to resources in the social services network, civil and criminal justice system, and other systems.

All of the services of the Program are cost-free and there are no income guidelines. The primary service area will be for all victims/survivors at risk or suffering from incidents of crime residing within the exterior boundaries of the Morongo Indian Reservation. The Program can also provide general information and referrals to individuals for services located in other counties or tribal nations.

Are you a victim of a crime?

Our program can provide victims of crime with a forum to express how they feel about what has happened to them.

You may be eligible for assistance if you are:
Primary Victim – you have been injured by an act of violence, including while trying to assist a victim or prevent a violent crime from occurring;
Secondary Victim – you were injured through witnessing an act of violence, or you are a parent or guardian injured as a result of learning about an act of violence committed against your child; or
Related Victim – you were a close family member, dependent, or a person who had an intimate relationship with a person who died as a result of an act of violence.

An injury can be physical or psychological, including the worsening of an existing psychological illness. It does not include injury from property loss or damage.

What specific services does the Program offer?
  • Information and Referral
  • Personal Advocacy/ Accompaniment
  • Emotional Support of Safety Services
  • Shelter/Relocation Services
  • Criminal/Civil Justice Assistance
  • Training and Community Awareness
  • 24-hour hotline

The Program offers mobile services by finding safe, confidential meeting spaces at local agencies and meeting with prospective clients in public places, over the phone, or remote video.

Contacts & Resources

Victim Service Program 951-755-5221

Children and Family Services 951-849-4697

Morongo Empowerment Program | Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault
Available to all victim survivors
24/7 Services 951-537-7339

Tribal Police 951-634-4810

Victim Services (County) 951-955-5400

Domestic Violence Services (County) 951-320-1370

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233

StrongHearts Native Hotline
(Monday through Friday) 1-844-762-8483