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Request for Proposals


Morongo Tribal TANF Program: Cultural Education Facilitators for 2019 Tribal TANF Prevention and Family Formation Activities

The Morongo Tribal TANF Program (MTTP) is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to provide onsite cultural education for youth and adult participants at MTTP Banning and San Bernardino locations. The objective of cultural education programs is to increase cultural knowledge and encourage the preservation of Native customs and traditions. Activities may include storytelling, teaching or sharing Bird Songs, Cahuilla and Serrano language courses, Native crafts and games, and traditional food preparation. The intent of these services is to promote a strong cultural identity through activities that support the purposes of TANF.  

Schedule of Events:

RFP Issue Date:                                     November 26, 2018

RFPs Closing Date:                                Ongoing

RFP #101-11-FY19 Cultural Education Facilitators for TANF.pdf