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A Tradition of Sharing


Thanksgiving Outreach

In 2012 the Morongo Band of Mission Indians donated over 10,000 turkeys to various non-profit organizations to feed the homeless, veterans, and poverty stricken people of Southern California. Many of those turkeys were distributed to our neighboring communities in an effort to give the less fortunate in our area a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.


Community Outreach

Central to the core values of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians is an unwavering commitment to aid those who are in need and to support programs that strengthen local communities. Through our Community Outreach Department, Morongo has provided more than $5 million over the past five years to support local and national non-profit organizations which serve our surrounding region as well as greater Southern California. These non-profit organizations include veterans and military groups, homeless shelters, family support services, educational services and hospitals.

Morongo traditionally receives hundreds of funding requests annually, and that number has risen dramatically in recent years as the Inland Empire continues to struggle with the lingering economic crisis gripping the U.S.  It is our privilege to give back to the surrounding communities in a way that positively impacts those who live here, and we diligently seek sponsorship of organizations which fulfill that vision.

In an effort to better meet the growing challenge presented by the current economic conditions, we are implementing new procedures in 2012 that include calling on our Community Outreach Committee to visit many of the organizations who are seeking funding. Through these site visits, our committee will be better able to evaluate and prioritize requests by witnessing firsthand how the funds will be used. This critical data will assist the committee in assessing where resources are most needed, and how that funding can best be utilized.

From families to children, veterans and seniors, Morongo strives to make a difference to those who are in need of medical care, clothing, food and shelter. We support charitable organizations across Inland Southern California, organizations that are experiencing reduced donations and a decreased availability in grant monies as a result of the current economic climate. Morongo remains committed to helping bridge that gap by providing aid where it will have the greatest benefit to the less fortunate, and we will continue to work diligently to give back to our community and provide a beacon of hope to those with whom we share that community.


American Red Cross


The Morongo Band of Mission Indians assisted the American Red Cross through millions of dollars in donations. The tribal members also served food and provided shelter for fire victims and furnished a command center for firefighters.